An Overview of Dosimeter and its Various Kinds to Measure the Absorbed Radiation

Absorbed Radiation

Dosimetry is a device that is used in radiology to measure radiation absorbed by human body tissues. Based on the measurement the impact of that on the body will be analyzed further. The analysis and tracking of the absorbed radiation can be tracked in a specific place and is called the dosimetry center.

The dosimeters are available in the market from low cost to high cost. if the dosimeter is passive then its cost will be low and if the dosimeter is active then the cost may be high. Why? What are the active and passive dosimeters? Let us see.

centro de dosimetría

Active Dosimeter: With this kind of dosimeter real-time radiation absorption can be measured. It has an electronic battery and also a display where the absorption will be sensed and also will be tracked immediately during the real-time process.

Passive Dosimeter: In this kind of dosimeter the thermoluminescent film was attached to the badges and the radiation absorption will be stored in that. Later these badges will be sent to the centro de dosimetría toanalyze the absorption.

These two dosimeters should be used together since both complements each other.

Where to wear?These dosimeters should be worn properly in the body hence the absorbed radiation can be measured correctly. That dosimeter should be exposed to the radiation hence that be fixed outside of the dresses. Generally, the dosimeter will be worn on the chest as the representation of the whole body.  In case we want to measure the equivalent dose absorption then the dosimeters should be worn at the near eye.

Types of Dosimeters: There are different types of dosimeters and detectors available and those are having their own advantages and limitations. Film Badge Dosimeters, Thermoluminescent Dosimeters Electronic Personal Dosimeters, MOSFET Dosimeters, Self Reading Dosimeters, and DIS Dosimeters are different types of dosimeters used to measure radiation absorption.  Let us see one of the dosimeters briefly here in this article.

Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD): The abbreviation of the Thermoluminescent Dosimeters is TLD. It was invented in the year of 1954 by professor F Daniels for Wisconsin-Madison University.   This is a kind of passive dosimeter and measures the radiation through the intensity of visible light that is emitted by the crystal placed in the detector. When the crystal heats up then the visible light will be emitted. This intensity is proportional to the radiation absorbed and the light emitted is clearly measured by the TD badge present at the dosimeter. This type of dosimeter can be used where ever the real-time dosimeter measurement is not needed.

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