CBD Oil For Horses: What Is It Abd How Does It Work

CBD for horses

Rising interest in CBD Oil for Horses has led to many different manufacturers offering a variety of products. The main difference between these is concentration. There are oils with a Holistapet CBD Tincture For Horses to THC ratio, and there are oils with a high THC to CBD ratio.


When giving horse oil, it is best to use oils with a high CBD to THC ratio (at least 5:1) as that will provide more therapeutic value without adding THC’s “psychoactive” effects. Below we will discuss the difference between the two different types of oils and how each works and can be used.


This CBD oil for horses is concentrated, which means it has a much higher amount of active ingredients (CBD and THC) than found in cannabis plants.


This allows the manufacturer to produce a product with more therapeutic value while providing a safer delivery method that is more appealing to humans and animals.


The cannabis plant itself is high in THC, meaning that it can make even non-human mammals high. This makes it dangerous when using whole plant extractions on animals as they can get hooked on the feeling or have adverse effects from the high concentration of THC.


Using a much higher concentration of CBD makes the effects more desirable and less harmful. When used in horses, CBD has many benefits. It can help to soothe horses that are over-aroused or stressed, and it can help relieve pain associated with various conditions.


When used topically, CBD oil for horses can be used to treat many different conditions, including:


Muscle pain & Joint Pain – equine athletes have reported that their joint pains had reduced after applying topical CBD oil. When they compete, they do not have to worry about damaging their joints from exercise-related discomfort.

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