Choose Vineyard with Restaurant for a Full Holiday

winery restaurant in Eugene, OR

A vineyard is a great place to make memories and spend time with family and friends. It’s also the perfect environment for a romantic birthday celebration or corporate retreat. As part of your wedding day, you can have your reception outdoors in the vineyard, sipping champagne as you watch the sunset over the vines below. Celebrations at a vineyard are all about relaxation, indulgence, and quality time together as you enjoy one of life’s most special occasions. Here are tips to help you choose the best:

Research the vineyard

Find out what kind of services they provide. Does the vineyard provide outside catering or do they let you bring your own? Do they offer room packages? Is there free parking? Do you have to be a member and, if so, what are the benefits? Is their property pet-friendly? These are just a few things to consider before making your choice for your perfect wedding day.

Consider the venue cost

How much are you willing to spend for an outdoor vineyard wedding? You can have a vineyard wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner at numerous venues all over the country. Some places offer discounts if you book multiple days there, while other vendors offer a discount if they perform your ceremony or reception there, and get another discount if they provide catering. You also need to inquire about insurance, food and beverage costs and florist costs. Contact them directly to see what is available.

Consider the local weather

You’ll want to learn what the climate is like during your chosen time of year, and contact your venue to make sure they’re open during that time of year. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to avoid working with a vineyard that has weddings every weekend during your preferred date because summer months are peak wedding season. If you can’t schedule around their busy times of the year, consider a different venue.

Research your ceremony locations

Depending on theĀ vineyard with restaurant in Eugene, OR you choose, you have a ton of options for your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. Some venues offer a farmhouse for a rustic setting or barn for an elegant look. You can also have your ceremony under a winery’s pergola, gazebo, pavilion or terrace. Also take into consideration the landscape and scenery around the venue. Is there enough privacy? Is it secluded? What kind of foliage is around?

Consider the venue’s staff

What kind of services do they provide? Is the staff friendly? Do they have food and beverage services for your guests? What kind of facilities do they offer? Are there any extras you should know about? For example, does the vineyard offer a wedding planner to assist you with wedding day decisions and keep track of all the details so that your guests don’t have to worry about them during your special day?

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