Everything about product photography services in Singapore

Everything about product photography services in Singapore

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world with the highest currency and top technical staff. Most of the businessmen in Singapore have now started using the digital platform to increase their business. Video and photo content of any product are the best ways to get an interactive audience and also for the business expansion. product photography services singapore is very popular today. Photographers charge around 150 per hour for event photography, $220 per hour  for portrait photography and different prices for different types of photography. As you can see the creative field of shooting pictures and videos is booming in today’s world. It feels like soon enough it will start giving doctors a run for their money. There are various types of product photography that exists but in this blog we are only going to see two types of product photography namely,

product photography services singapore

  • Detailed shots.

Detailed shots are mainly taken for products that are too small in size. Hence, they need detailed pictures highlighting their features. These types  of shots are mainly taken for jewelry which traditional photos might not be able to capture. It requires a specific type of light and different camera settings like the usage of a macro lens to capture small details.

  • Packaging shots.

I know what you all must be thinking, who cares about packaging. Well many customers care about packaging, they want to see how it is done, is it eco-friendly and safe. From browsing your website, to shopping to tracking their order and finally receiving it, the customers want to experience the whole journey from the start till the end. It’s important that your packaging is presentable , because if it is not then even though your product might be the best one out there, due to lack of presentation customers might not like it as much. And if your presentation is simple and cute, why not show it on your webpage and attract more people.

Two types of ecommerce product photography

  • Clean-cut, white background, product only photography.

These types of photos are very common and you will find them in various catalogues. They have a white and simple background and they focus primarily on the product.

  • In context or lifestyle photos.

If you really want to bring your brand to life, what better way than to actually shoot live photos by using a model or other complementary products.

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