Expanding Your Yoga Practice

If you are a yoga instructor, you are probably pretty happy with your practice. You are helping people connect and listen to both their minds and their bodies, an art that has been long forgotten in our now fast-paced world. Teaching people how to stop, breathe and just move with the flow of their body can be very fulfilling for a lot of instructors. Now, if you have a few certifications and are teaching regular classes with them, we would recommend that you gently expand your practice not just for the sake of getting more clients and money (which is also good), but also to help out more diverse populations. If you are interested in this, you can look into the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training programs.

A lot of people believe that yoga is only limited to skinny, fit, and just generally healthy bodies and that is not the case. Yoga can be offered to diverse populations but you need the right training for it. You will find classes for instructors to teach them prenatal yoga and the intricacies involved with working with pregnant women. You will also find yoga teacher training options for trauma-informed yoga classes. This is a very sensitive practice where you will be working with people that have suffered from trauma, be it physical, sexual, emotional, and so on. This is to help them slowly reconnect and feel comfortable with their bodies and this course requires more than one training to a sensitive and trauma-informed yoga instructor. You will find post-pregnancy for yoga classes, and then yoga for working with people with disabilities and special needs, and so on. Yoga has always been incredibly inclusive, but over the years, it only focused on a specific type of population. However, if you are looking to expand your practice, you can get the necessary training for it.

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