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Physically, the risks are multiple and affect all the organs. To name a few: development of testicular and prostate tumours, destruction of liver cells (similar to cirrhosis of the liver), metabolic disorders. As we mentioned earlier, there are also legal risks… it’s forbidden! Another well-known side effect is uncontrollable hyper-aggressiveness website.

This explains why many bodybuilders and boxers have made the front pages of news items.

There are also visible signs: acne, hair loss, estrogen accumulation in the body (gynecomastia = breast development, water retention, fatty tissue accumulation…), negative hormonal feedback (infertility, impotence, atrophy testicular…) and significant increase in bad cholesterol…

Is the game worth the candle?

To conclude

The use of testosterone should be limited to very high level athletes wishing to pass a milestone and knowing themselves perfectly (high risk of injury). Taking several other molecules is necessary to counteract the numerous and consequent side effects. Before you indulge in the dark side, always ask yourself if your life depends on a few extra pounds of muscle . Because the side effects are very likely to spoil it for you. Is the game worth the candle?

Always keep in mind that steroids are a substitute for your own hormonal secretion and that the “glands” put to rest as a result may never function normally again. This is systematically the case of the thyroid and sometimes of the testicles. Finally, be aware that if your goal is to look like a top bodybuilder, steroids won’t be enough, even at the doses used by these current professional bodybuilders. Some get up to 80 injections a day and use many other chemical aids.

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