Rajinikanth Superhit Tamil Movies

Rajinikanth Superhit Tamil Movies

Are you a Rajnikanth fan? Rajnikanth has been the leading star in the dominating Tamil movie industry. He has worked in several Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and Hollywood movies. He was starred in several best action Tamil movies throughout his career. Rajnikanth was conferred with the prestigious “ Centenary Award for Indian Personality of the Year.”

Few of the Popular Movies of Rajnikanth that you must watch

  • mullam malarum

Mullam malarum, which translates to The Thorn and the Flower or Even a Thorn Will Bloom, is a Tamil drama film. It was written and directed by Mahendran. The movie was directed by Venu Chettiar and V. Mohan. Further, the castings of the film were Rajinikanth, Sarath Babu, Jayalaxmi, and Shoba.

Story: Rajinikanth received several praises and compliments for his role in the movie in Mullam malarum. The story of the movie plays around a laborer who gets suspended from his duty. This causes him to get into fits of anger, and he is involved in an accident, leaving him to lose his job. Now karma presents its magic as in the plot; we notice that he rejects the marriage proposal from his Boss’s sister.

  • murattu kaalai

This was released in the year 1980. It was started under the direction of SP. Muthuraman. The cast of this movie is the famous Rajnikanth, Jaishankar, and Rathi Agnihotri.

Story: This is an action movie where Kaaliyan and Jaishankar are two powerful individuals in a village, but Jaishankar has a notorious nature as he tries to capture the land of Rajni. The plot of the movie further reveals how he confronts him and deals with such a sensitive matter.

  • yajaman

Yajaman was directed by R.V. Udayakumar. The star cast of this movie is Rajnikanth, Meena, and Goundamani. If you are looking for a drama movie, this is your pick.

Story: The plot of the movie revolves around a chieftain who is loved and adored by most of the villagers. However, several notorious rivals of his are constantly poisoning his wife to make her incapable of bearing a child. Now the plot reveals that when the wife is on her deathbed, she takes a vow for her husband to get him married off to another woman.

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