The Best Whiskeys to Warm Up Your winter

There’s nothing like the feeling of cracking open a bottle of whiskey on a freezing day. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite scotch with an old friend or sipping bourbon while watching the snow fall, there’s no denying that winter is always better with Buy boubon online.

What Makes a Good Winter Whiskey?

The perfect winter whiskey has a familiar taste and an unfamiliar flavor. It starts with a bottle of whiskey that’s been aged at least two years in oak barrels as it slowly absorbs the flavors of the wood. The end result is a refined taste of pure, mature whiskey without any harsh aftertaste that you’ll find in other spirits. And while there are some mass-produced blends that can warm you up on the coldest days, even these cheap labels are very well-made and worth trying out.

Other Types of Whiskey

While bourbon, rye, and scotch are time-honored favorites, there’s also a wide range of fruit-infused whiskeys that can be great for the winter. These flavors come from fruits, berries, and spices which are infused into liquor during the aging process. This gives these spirits hints of cinnamon, vanilla or even tropical fruits that you might not find in other types of whiskey. Seek out the ones that have been aged in the American oak barrels that contain other types of whiskey and you’ll find a more complex flavor profile.

The best whiskey to serve in your drinks is different from how it’s made, depending on where you live. For example, some of the regions around Scotland produce very intense tastes that might be overpowering for some people. On the other hand, whiskies from Ireland can be so light and subtle that you don’t even realize you’ve had one until your drink is halfway finished.

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