Too much testosterone in women’s treatment what is all you need to know about?

Despite being viewed as a hormone associated with the male harmone, women also produce modest amounts of testosterone in their adrenal glands and ovaries. Testosterone aids in the development and development of female reproductive cells and bone mass along with the female hormone estrogen. These hormones have a behavioral impact as well. A woman’s health may suffer from an imbalance of testosterone in her body. So let’s talk about the problem and answers some questions and too much testosterone in women treatment

Signs of excessive testosterone in women

The following signs of excess testosterone may affect a woman’s physical appearance:

  • excess body hair, particularly balding facial hair, and acne
  • greater clitoris
  • voice-depth deepening more muscle mass and smaller breasts
  • Having too much testosterone might also result in irregular periods

In more extreme cases of testosterone imbalances in women, excessive testosterone can result in infertility and obesity in addition to reduced libido and mood disorders.

Options for treatment

Depending on the cause, high testosterone can be treated with medicine or a lifestyle change. The following medications are used to treat elevated testosterone:

  • glucocorticosteroids
  • oral contraceptives with metformin
  • spironolactone

Although oral contraceptives have been proved to be an appropriate cure for blocking testosterone, this approach will conflict with any imminent plans you have to become pregnant. These medicines are all only obtainable with a prescription. You must visit your doctor or gynecologist to receive one.

Lifestyle changes might also have an impact on testosterone levels. Beginning an exercise or weight loss program can be helpful because it can make symptoms better. Some females opt to merely address their symptoms, such as shaving or bleaching their hair or using facial cleansers to cure acne or greasy skin.

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