What is Auto Body RepairAnd How To Avail It?

Do you own a car? Then it must be your pride and joy. Your teenage dream is embodied into life. Every inch of its surface is pictured a million times. Or the first decent car you could find within your budget. The first time you held the steering wheel is a memory that one would be hard-pressed to forget.

But owning a car isn’t easy, and everyone out there with their own four-wheelers would wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. If you thought that the one summer you spent hanging around the mechanic shed was enough exposure to the field of auto body repair, this is when you got to know that you grossly overestimated your skills as a potential makeshift mechanic. And you know a little more than the basics, maybe.

However, as god-sends, we have auto body repair shops and their staff called the auto body repairers or, more commonly, the mechanics. They are the wizards of all things auto-mechanic related and solve your issue without a hitch or a glitch.

The Process

Step One: Dropping Off The Vehicle

The vehicles are taken in, the keys tagged. Digital photographs of the vehicle are taken and documented digitally. The insurance company approves its authorization. A work file is then created, and the estimated damage is cataloged. The pre-scan and blueprint are taken.

Step Two: Assigning a technician

The technician proceeds to disassemble the vehicle and inspects it for additional damage. A revised estimate is sent to the insurance or customer. The repair process starts.

Step Three: Ordering parts and Repair Process.

The frame, unibody, or structural repairs are proceeded with. The mechanical work and any painting and refinishing work are taken care of.

Step Four: The vehicle being refurbished

The body repairs are inspected. The sealers are applied, and the vehicle is masked. They then get into applying to refinish and a clear coat. The vehicle is finally reassembled.

Step Five

The fifth step entails the installation of grills, moldings, doors, trim pieces, lamps, air c, etc. the alignment and calibrations are taken care of. The airbags and electrical connections were checked and replaced. The vehicle is reprogrammed to OEM specifications, and the scanning is complete. The vehicle is then cleaned.

Step Six

The car is washed, panels painted and waxed, interiors cleaned, surfaces painted are polished, and the tires and wheels shined. The final bill paperwork is submitted to the insurance companies for approval.

Step Seven

The Service Advisor performs the quality control inspection and completes the quality control checking. The final bill is sent to the insurance or the customer for approval.

Step Eight

This step entails the notification of the customer.

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