Why do you need to learn any basic first aid?

basic first aid

People are not getting first aid training because they have a busy schedule. They think they have enough knowledge or the accidents are not happening to them or their families. You can try asking other people whether it is worth their time and most of their answers are yes. When you have basic knowledge it will help you in the future when there are accidents and you are the only one that can do it. You will help a lot of people when you know first aid. These are the reason why you need to know basic first aid.

It doesn’t only save lives

When you get first aid training it is indeed that you can help save lives and it can also lessen their recovery time. There is a big difference when the patient has a long-term or temporary disability. You will be calm when there is an emergency and remember acronyms to understand the steps that you need to do. When you do training it makes you comfortable and confident to help more people and you have control over everything.

first aid training

It increases the patient comfort

Not every injury, accident, or illness needs to go to a hospital. Although it doesn’t mean that they are not experiencing any pain. When you see a child that is crying because they had their elbow bruised or has a fever they are experiencing pain. But when you know how to help by doing an easy technique like getting an ice pack or a bandage it can help to lessen the pain. You can also give them emotional support by remaining calm and making them feel they are safe to lessen their anxiety. When you can show they will trust you enough to treat their wound.

Prevent making it worse

There are situations where a patient is not getting basic first aid and it makes it worse. When you can give basic care you can normalize the patient until an ambulance team will arrive. Sometimes the kit is not available and you have to think of other solutions to prevent the injury from getting worse. When you can do such a thing you can cope with certain situations. You are also trained on how to gather information about the patients’ condition and you can give it to the emergency respondents to save time. They will focus on how to cure the patient’s injuries in a lesser time.

Gives you the confidence to care.

When you know how to do first aid it means that you are confident in yourself. You have the ability and skills that relate to it. Doing first aid training helps you to reflect on how you will be able to react in situations. When you know how to understand it will give you the confidence to help other people in non-medical situations.

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